About Trainer

Hirdesh Bhardwaj 11+ Years Experience

Technologies VBA, Advanced Excel, Web Development, DBMS
Occupation Founder, Trainer, Author, Developer
Year Active 2006 - Present
Books as an Author VBA For Excel, Web Designing, PHP Mysql for Advanced Learning

Hirdesh Bhardwaj, a well known author as well as Founder & CEO of Webs Jyoti development and Training organization in Gurgaon, INDIA. He wrote books on Web Designing, VBA & PHP MYSQL He Founded Webs Jyoti in the year 2009.

Hirdesh was born 15 August 1987 in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, India. .He completed his Software Engineering from NIIT Gurgaon, Haryana.Hirdesh started his career in 2007 with NIIT LTD as an IT Trainer Where He taught over 5000+ Students.In 2009 he joined The Ardee Group, as a developer and IT head. Besides books, Hirdesh has to published about 250 scripts and tutorials in upcoming years. In November 2009, He founded Webs Jyoti, a Development and Training Organisation. Til date Webs Jyoti has delivered 400+ Web Projects and Websites.

Hirdesh Bhardwaj

Training Schedule

Our training sessions are planned by our trainer and are designed in a manner geared toward the maximization of efficiency. Your time is valuable, and so is ours, so our goal is to best prepare you while taking up the least amount of your time possible.

Schedule A

2 Days Training 8 Hrs / Day 
Schedule B
4 Days Training 4 Hrs / Day